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Service Menu

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Service Menu (Philadelphia)
Home Cleaning
Basic Clean
1 Bedroom / 1 Bath (1.5 hours)
Deep Clean
1 Bedroom / 1 Bath (2.25 hours)
Additional Cleaning
Additional Bedroom:
Basic Clean: $15
Deep Clean: $25

Additional Bathroom
Basic Clean: $15
Deep Clean: $20  

Clean inside refrigerator: $30
Eco-friendly Cleaning Products
Dry Cleaning
Dry Cleaning

Button-Up Shirt: $3.00
Shorts: $5.99
Blouse: $5.99
Pants: $7.99
Sweaters: $7.99
Sports Jacket: $8.99
Blazer: $9.99
Suit: $14.99
Dress: $14.99
Winter Coat: $24.99
per item
Wash and Fold
Wash and Fold
Freshly cleaned and pressed laundry to and from your door.

$15 minimum

Basic Clean

We expect to cover Living Room, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Dining Room, Bed Rooms, other Common Areas for a complete all-over clean, including disinfecting all door handles & light switches

Bedroom & Living Room: Dust major exposed surfaces, vacuum/mop, make bed, change the bed sheets, empty trash

Bathroom: Toilet, shower/bath, sink, countertops, mirror, vacuum/mop, empty trash

Kitchen: Countertops, sink, outside of appliances, empty trash, vacuum/mop

Deep Clean

Deep cleaning and will include additional services beyond the basic clean including:

Bedroom & Living Room: Cleaning behind / below appliances and furniture; Washing interior windows, blinds, woodwork; Cleaning of baseboards, door trims

Kitchen: Cleaning inside of kitchen appliances; Cleaning of baseboards